Little League Parents/Players:

**Please fill out ALL 3 FORMS below. It greatly speeds up the exams this saturday. It helps Dr. Metzger more thoroughly evaluate your player at the time of screening**

Our screening program is free of charge. It involves our staff, including Dr. Metzger, coming out to your facility. We will bring everything that is needed. It is normally done at team practices or league opening day ceremonies, and is done in a way that it does not interfere with practice or other event. Each screening exam takes a little more than one minute. Details of what we are measuring.

Players and parents (if player under age 18), we ask that you follow the 3 links below to see the online forms, fill them out to the best of your ability, and click "submit." This will email the completed forms directly to only Dr. Metzger. These forms can be printed and filled out and brought to the screening exam as well, if you prefer.

Throwing History Form
online print

Throwing Medical Form
online print

Parent Permission-Consent Form
online print

Filling in player's name, parent's name and date shows us that you understand that we will tabulate the measurements we collect for research purposes. No names are used and the measurements are completely anonymous, and the data is carefully protected by Dr. Metzger. Aside from completing these 3 forms, you don't have to do anything for this study. If you do not want your player's measurements in the study, just let us know at your screening and your player's numbers will not be used in the published studies.

Pro Pitcher, QB...
Dr. Metzger evaluating a few current and previous high-level throwers you might know.

Dr. Metzger performing Screening Exams at Bellaire Little League, Houston, Texas.