Pitching Instruction

Proper form is built by understanding improper form. Below are examples of points in the pitching motion, with photos of correct form and incorrect form

Proper, Correct Form
Improper, Incorrect Form
Point 3a. Maintain a vertical stance with body upright during late cocking. Note both players have correct "shoulders closed" position at heel strike, points 7c,d,e.
  Point 8d. We do not try to raise players "arm-slots" unless they are so low that the elbow is below the shoulder. Forget about the rare but successful sidearm pitchers (Austin Wood-UT). The vast majority of those injure their arms. Prevent injury by keeping the elbow above the shoulder
  Point 7c,d,e. Note in left photo, the shoulders are correctly closed and in-line with the feet. If there is a line between the back heel and the plate, the front heel should stay on that line throughout the stride and the foot should come down on that line. Most youth throwers are very open (front foot for RHP is to the left of this line) at heelstrike, which flys the shoulder open. This causes poor balance, poor right-left control, reduces velocity, and leads to "catch-up" which injures the arm.