Coach's corner - Video analysis

This is coach Skoutelakis' detailed analysis of the video on the homepage:

First Pitcher (Green and Yellow jersey)

1. Early hand break makes throwing arm get up to early and then arm has to wait for front foot to land thus causing loss of momentum in arm. Now the arm is delivering the ball instead of body delivering arm. We want the arm to get up to shoulder height immediately after front foot lands to maximize timing and smoothness guaranteeing the body will deliver the arm reducing stress.

2. Front leg is swinging out and around causing the lead shoulder to lose direction to home plate and turn towards right handed hitters box. This also causes the throwing arm to swing behind the body instead of inline with the body causing arm stress. The front foot then lands open. Notice the back leg does not block out the front leg thus poor alignment and direction. This then causes the back foot to come off of the ground prior to ball release, so we are throwing on one leg causing more stress and less stability and control.

Second Pitcher (Orange and White jersey)

1. Stride to short causing back foot to come off the ground prior to ball release. Unstable causing poor control and stress on arm.

2. Very poor back leg drive. Notice how much bend in back leg is still present when front foot lands. That’s 10mph, easy, for a guy that size, not to mention the EFFECTIVE VELOCITY of the time he takes away from the hitter by cutting down the distance between himself and the hitter when he releases the pitch from a much closer distance. 12 inches is equivalent to 5 mph.

3. Again, another pitcher swinging his front leg out into landing thus causing poor bracing action of the front knee and leg. Notice how the front knee is way outside the front ankle. The knee should be directly over or slightly to the inside of the front ankle for maximum bracing action so the body can rotate with max speed around the front leg for max velocity, control, and less stress on the arm.

4. Back heel comes off of the ground prior to the front foot landing thus causing the opening up of the front shoulder causing all of the stress to the arm and shoulder. This also kills control and velocity.   

Third Pitcher (Blue and White jersey)

1. The pitcher is hooking the ball behind him. His throwing hand is not overtaking his throwing elbow or in other words getting past his elbow. This does not allow him to bend his elbow and swing his arm up to shoulder height for max arm health. When the hand drops down, the fingers on the ball need to turn back towards second base for the hand to be able to overtake the elbow or get past the elbow in order for the elbow to be able to bend and the arm to be able to swing up to shoulder height. If not, the hand with ball stays in line with elbow and the elbow lifts to throw but it is restricted and will not allow it to get to shoulder height. Try it. Turn the hand past the elbow then bend the elbow and swing it up to shoulder height.

2. Short stride causes back foot to come off ground prior to ball release.

3. No trunk flexion or slamming of the upper body down at ball release causing extreme loss of velocity. This is the last place where you can get velocity.  

Fourth Pitcher (Green and Orange jersey)

The pitcher’s head is drifting back over his rear end as he moves sideways causing very poor posture (look at the line of the shoulders at front foot landing) which causes poor control, loss of velocity, and stress to the shoulder as it gives the pitcher an almost over the top or 12 o'clock delivery. This is also what causes the pitcher to fall so far towards first base. Solution is to keep your nose over your bellybutton as you move sideways so you land with good posture and more even shoulders giving you better direction to the plate. This in turn allows you to rotate around your body with more speed, thus more velocity and with better posture better control.