Pitching Instruction - Control Problems

Pitching tips, continued:

Control Problem
Possible Causes
Throwing High
landing too hard
land with front knee slightly bent
land on the ball of the foot not the heel
not pushing off with back leg
drive with back leg toward catcher as shoulders begin to close, just after front foot strike
dragging back foot
trying to push off slightly with the back foot is difficult to learn but does help
lead leg moving forward too soon
do not move lead leg forward until hands separate
Throwing Low
opening hips/shoulders too soon
shoulders must be closed at footstrike
stride too short
5 1/2 footlengths (your own heel-toe distance) at least; or, the distance from ground to your shoulder height
off balance
"falling off" is a sign of poor balance
breaking hands too soon
gripping ball too tight
standing on wrong part of rubber


    striding off line see point 7
    opening hips/shoulders too soon again, stay on line
    staying closed too long again, stay on line
    "slinging" arm exaggerated sidearm motion must be corrected
    hyperabducting see point 6
13 Notes If your pitcher has long innings, he likely has control problems
    Watch for control problems if your team had a long hitting inning. During those long half-innings, have the pitcher toss some, or at least wear a long sleeve to keep the arm warm
    Control is lost before velocity. Learn your pitch count by knowing when you start walking a lot of batters. Try to improve your endurance through conditioning.