Pitching Instruction - Conditioning

Pitcher specific conditioning takes years, not months. It takes time before or after practice, at least 3-4 days per week, preferably 5-6. If you are a reliever and want to be a starter, or you are a starter and want to go deeper in games, or you just want more velocity and control, this section will help. Most of all, proper conditioning reduces the chances of season or career-ending injury .

Thoughts on Conditioning
  first 10 days injuries in the first 10 days of the season tend to stay with you the whole season warm up slowly those first 2 weeks or so
  athlete pitcher is one of the best athletes on the team have to be in the best condition
  leg strength very important for starters lots of squats and lunges
  stretching especially flexible legs, hips, trunk whole body stretches not just arm, very important
Specific Exercises
This is a long list of specific exercises that are good for pitchers. Try to combine them and do each exercise for about 45-60 seconds, then rest 30-45 seconds, then do another exercise. Combine them such that you work shoulders, legs, core all in the same workout. As an alternative, you can do mostly leg exercises one day, then shoulders the next, then core, then repeat after a day of rest. Aerobic conditioning like running in all of it's forms can be done on the same day as strength training, and so can stretching.
  Throwers 10
Do these 3 times per week during the season, 4 times/wk in off-season. Do not do them on game days.
  Prone V Lay face down with hands at sides, lift them off the ground. Pinch shoulder blade together and hold 1 sec
  Prone T, palm down same, but with hands out to sides, palms down
  Prone T, thumb up same, but with thumbs toward ceiling
  Prone W same, but with hands palm down and shoulders and elbows at 90 degrees
  Prone Scaption, palm down

same, but with hands in overhead "V" (supermans), and palms flat

  Prone Scaption, thumb up same, but with thumbs to ceiling
  Do the next 3 exercises with a 3-5 lb dumbbell: may use therabands instead
  flexion to 160 degrees

standing, raise to front, well above the head

  scaption to 160 degrees same, but raise to halfway between front and sideways
  palm down abduction same, but to side, and with palms down
  semi-circle wall dribble

use 2lb plyoball and dribble against wall in a large semicircle that is centered above your head

  standing 90-90 wall dribble use 2lb plyoball and dribble against wall while face touches wall