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Coach Skoutelakis' pitching tips are focused for youth pitchers. Improve picthing performance and ability to throw safely without injury!

We will give new tips a couple times every season...

Here is the latest from coach Skou (March 2011):

"Please watch the video on the Safethrow homepage. The kids in that video are swinging their front  leg out and around. It should move in line, straight toward the catcher, with the lower leg just coming along for the ride with the knee over the ankle. A pitcher should flex the back knee driving the front hip and back leg out to full extension for max velocity, consistent control, and huge reduction in wear and tear in the ARM. The kids in the video are not doing this well. This is why those kids are so susceptible to injury along with having so much control and command issues."

Here is a much more detailed analysis of that video by Coach than what is actually on the video.

A prior Coach's corner tip from Skou:

"I have been getting a lot of calls from high school dads who are going to the website trying to figure out how their kids can get more velocity RIGHT NOW ..... Fantastic, I tell them. You have come to the right place. I have the MAGIC BULLET for velocity. Then I have to let them down, and tell them I was only kidding. I have to explain that there is no MAGIC BULLET. The only magic is hard work, great timing, great mechanics, and a trusty video recorder. Some dads will keep talking, some just hang up. Sorry.

If there is one tip I can give you that will help velocity asap, it's stride length. Learn to stride 100% of your body height and you will immediately increase velocity. It is the equivalent of stretching out a rubber band and firing it and not stretching one out and firing it. Big difference. Try it out. If you are having trouble getting the mechanics down to do it, call me. I will help. "

We will give new tips during Spring Seasons -- check back soon!
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