Safethrow in the News !

Radio Dr. Metzger guest hosts the Danny Arnold show on 1560 KGOW, Bellaire, Tx
"Ways to help your children stay in the game injury-free," CNN Health Empowered Patient, Sabrya Rice, CNN, 4/30/2010
"Young athletes prone to injuries," Time for Kids / Sports Illustrated for Kids, James Windell, 3/30/2010
Television newpiece "Kids sports injuries increase," CNN, on "American Morning," 3/10/2010, Sabriya Rice. The science and percentages were cited from the Safethrow study of 1261 players, and the video was done after a telephone interview with Dr. Metzger.
"Youth baseball injureis becoming more common: Stretching, rest can ease elbow, shoulder pain that plagues many young players," Healthday 3/10/2010, Jennifer Goodwin
"Seeking new ways to shoulder the load: A little prevention goes a long way in staving off throwing injuries," The Houston Chronicle, Sports Section, 7/4/2008, Jenny Dial. Below are the videos done as part of the article.

This first video has Dr. Metzger showing some anatomy, a model of how the shoulder gets injured throwing, and a brief exam finding on a pro baseball player

The second video shows the surgical instruments and then shows how these surgeries are done through such tiny incisions

The third video shows Brooke Frogetta, one of the patients who had to have surgery, demonstrating correct and incorrect throwing motions (update 3/30/2010 - Brooke is now playing in college, and was all-city last year at Bellaire High School)