elbow Anatomy
The anterior view of the elbow shows the muscles and tendons. The muscle going downward is the biceps. The muscles to the left side are the flexor/pronators. The muscles to the right side are the common extensors.
This anterior view shows the ligaments of the elbow. It is these ligaments that can pop or tear in the thrower's elbow and cause problems. The ligament all the way to the left is the medial collateral ligament, also known as the Tommy John ligament.
This view of the medial or inner side of the joint shows the flexor/pronator group over the medial collateral ligament.
This is the medial view, showing a good look at the Tommy John ligament. It is the triangular fan-shaped ligament.
This is the outer-side, or lateral elbow. The muscles at the bottom are the common extensors. These are involved in Tennis Elbow but do not often cause problems with the thrower's elbow.
This is the lateral elbow showing the ligaments beneath the muscles. The triangular ligament is the lateral collateral ligament. It can be injured in throwers, but is not nearly as commonly a problem for throwers as the Tommy John medial collateral ligament on the other side of the elbow.