Compliments from Coaches and Parents

"My son is a 12 year old starting pitcher and we were thinking of quitting on pitching since he could not throw more than 10-15 pitches without elbow pain. We saw Dr. Metzger during one of his Safethrow clinics and then in his office. There was nothing physically wrong with the arm, so Dr. Metzger figured it must be his throwing motion. After a 30 minute lesson with Dr. Metzger, my son corrected some problems with his motion, and played 3 days later and threw 86 pitches, with 11 strikeouts of the 13 outs he recorded!"

We feel like the Safethrow program saved my son from having to quit pitching - Thanks Dr. Metzger!

John Granato, manager of Bellaire Little League Major Yankees, Spring 2009
Host of the Morning Show with John and Lance on 1560 The Game, Houston , Tx


"In the spring of 2008 our son, Matthew, started experiencing elbow pain while pitching at Kyle Chapman Pony League. We took him to see Dr. Metzger who did x-rays and a thorough exam of Matthew's elbow. Although there was no obvious injury to the elbow, Dr. Metzger recommended that Matthew do the Interval Throwing Program and work with a pitching coach to reinforce proper pitching mechanics. This solved the problem. Matthew completed the spring season at Kyle Chapman and pitched for the Kyle Chapman 13 year old All Star team, which was undefeated through Regional competition and competed in Metairie, Louisiana at the Zone Tournament. Matthew, as a freshman, now pitches on his high school varsity team. We want to thank Dr. Metzger for his care of Matthew and for his dedication to the care of young athletes."

Randy and Marlene Harding


"My son Michael loves to pitch, but as a 12 year old his arm began to hurt. Our good fortune was that in the spring of 2009 Dr. Metzger was the pitching coach for my son's Kyle Chapman Pony League team. Dr. Metzger examined Michael's arm and determined that he was stressing his elbow by using the wrong pitching motion. Dr Metzger established a rehabilitation program for Michael, which included a layoff , strength training and an improved throwing motion. After six weeks of Dr. Metzger supervision and coaching, Michael regained his ability to pitch without doing damage to his shoulder and elbow. We feel extremely lucky to have had Dr. Metzger's help. Another physician who specializes in pitching injuries had told us that Michael was a hard thrower and that he could just expect to have pain after pitching. If we had not had Dr. Metzger's help, I think my son's pitching and even his playing career might have soon been over. Dr. Metzger has given us a supervised plan that should take him through high school play. Given the number of  12, 13 and 14 year old players we have seen develop arm problems this year, it is clear that the early teen years are a period when young boys hurt their arms by throwing incorrectly. Learning the SafeThrow approach is critical to helping the boys play without doing damage to themselves that will shorten or even end their days as a player. My advice is that if your son is experiencing  pain in his throwing arm, do not delay in obtaining an expert evaluation. The pain may come and go, but without proper evaluation and care, serious damage might be taking place. "

Harrell Rodgers


"Dr Metzger - I found he [11 year-old son] had not been doing his stretch regularly and had lost a fair amount of flexibility. We started doing the stretch together with me stretching him every day. He played in a tournament that weekend without incident - just played outfield and limited his throwing. Since then we have been doing the stretches nearly daily. He is playing without pain. He has started to pitch some. Much to my shock, I found out he pitched a full game (87 pitches) for his middle school about 2 weeks ago without any pain. We are ensuring his pitch count will be dialed back to no more than 60 in a day, preferably 40 and will make sure his cumulative pitching on all of his teams is better managed so he stays within LL guidelines for number of pitches and days of rest. He is also doing the exercises with the tubing."

Dennis Stanley


"Dr. Metzger - Your program completely corrected Joshua's throwing arm without need for surgery. In August 2008, his left shoulder had 50 degrees of rotation but the right shoulder had only 28 degrees. Your February 2009 re-testing shows Josh is at 50 rotation in both arm, an improvement of 22 degrees! Of course, this is due to the special stretching my son and I have been doing with him 3 times a week (plus whenever he pitches), every week for the last 7 months. Thank you again for your efforts with youth baseball and saving my son from shoulder surgery."

Tom King, Eagles 10U Tournament Team Organizer Houston, Texas


"Charles, Thank you for taking the time to work with Connor and putting him in game situations. His recent success is directly attributed to your efforts."

Mark Keller
(Dr. Metzger was the pitching coach for Connor's 14y/o team at the time)


The letters below describe some common scenarios, and what Safethrow tries to prevent:

"Dr Metzger - I am really upset that i didn't find your website eariler. I have a 20 Year old daughter who is attending soouthern ConnecticutStateUniversity. her dream was to play softball in college and Olympics. unfortunatly she has had recurring shoulder injuries. In her Junior year high school she had to have surgery on her right shoulder. Went back to playing got a scholarship to play for College and has now had to leave that team because she cannot play. In her college Freshman year she played fall Ball and had to have Labrum surgery in March of 2009. Went through fine and after 8 months of working with the Athletic trainers at the School (no Physical Therapy) she has reinjured the shoulder again.

Right before Christmas break of 2009 I called Dr to get another MRI and Schedule her for Physical Therapy. MRI  returned possible recurring tear of Labrum. Ordered Physical Therapy during christmas break. Started Throwing protocol in Therapy after a couple weeks and pain returned with any over hand motion. Therapist said to him from her discription of what happenned in Oct with Arm going numb and then very bad pain for a couple weeks and the popping and cracking sounds it is making he thinks it is torn again. I seems like everytime she starts throwing protocol pain returns and she has to take a couple week break and then return and the same thing happens." [goes on to say she is not currently able to play and may have to have another surgery or give up playing for good.]

Lisa Hearin


I am currently a  freshman pitcher for Brevard College, a small Division II school in North Carolina.  I had a SLAP tear about 2 years ago and I don't think my arm ever fully recovered.  On behalf of all baseball players across the nation thank you for what you are doing to raise awareness about arm injuries in young pitchers.  I wish I would've accessed this information years ago and if just one pitcher does not have to go through surgery I think your time is being well spent.  Thank you for your time.

Alex Litaker

I am the mother of a 12 year old (who will be 13 in a couple of weeks) boy who is a ‘go-to’ pitcher for his 13u select baseball team.  We have had lots of arm injuries this season on our team and I am definitely worried about my son.  (He is constantly telling me ‘I’m ok – I’m pitching’ even though I am sitting there with my pitch counter shaking my head NO.)  This past weekend he pitched 103 in 7 innings.  This was his second game of the day.  He caught the whole first game then turned around and caught the entire third game.  I feel like this is too much but I don’t have anything anywhere to use as a guideline except some peoples’ opinion is yes and some say no.   He does not have pain currently but he did tell me that he has not been able to straighten his arm for AWHILE.  [I recommended he come see me since Safethrow has a whole program for just this sort of concerned parent]

Becky Croft
Houston, Tx


My son is 13, I coach his select team. We play about 60 games a year usually lay off 4-5 months. We have done this for 3 seasons. My son has not been a starting pitcher until this year. He began experiencing elbow pain about a month ago. I took him to our local orthopedic group. The MD did x ray, said he had no structural damage , just inflamed elbow. He recommended that he shut it down for 6 weeks, but offered no advice on rehab, or preventative measures. [I recommended he come see me since Safethrow has a whole program for just this sort of concerned parent]

Benn Sanford
Beaumont, Tx


This is a letter describing the classic struggle between coaches and parents and players that sets up A LOT of the problems we see:

"My 10 year-old son Cody plays catcher and he is the only one of two that plays this position on his team. They play sometimes four games a weekend, 2 on saturday and if they win the first game, two also on sunday. Being a personal trainer, I am very concerned for his well being. His coach seems more concerned about winning the game, therefore, there are times I have to force him to take Cody out. This causes problems with my son and I, because he feels ok, he thinks it's ok for him to keep playing. He doesn't understand that he may feel good now, but 1-3 years from now he may not be able to play at all. I believe my son has a lot of potential. I'm sure all parents say that, but I've overheard people saying he's a natural catcher. So I want him to be able to go as far as he wants in the game of baseball. I think it would be wonderful if we could have a screening in our area to wake up the coaches to the dangers our little guys have to overuse injuries."

Virginia Beach