The Problem

The shoulder and elbow of the overhead thrower are subject to conditions and injuries that do not occur in non-throwing arms. This site will discuss these injuries, including information on what they are, why and how they occur, and how to prevent them, and treat them if they do occur.

The Solution

Our screening program is free of charge and can be done at your facility or team practice. We work with players of all ages, little league to major league, in a diligent effort to prevent throwing-arm injuries.




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New Section *** Coach's Corner ***

Coach Skoutelakis of Torque Pitching gives free tips!

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Dr. Metzger examines a young player at Spring tryouts.
Coaches and League Officials How tired are you of seeing your star pitchers have to miss games because of sore shoulders or elbows? We can help prevent these missed games. More...


The best players play the most and throw the hardest and have the most chance of overthowing and having to miss seasons, or quit altogether. We can help avoid this. More...
Parents of Youth Throwers If your child shows talent and you think he or she may have a level of ability that allows him or her to pursue throwing at a higher level, THE LAST thing you want is to see your child's future in throwing ended by an injury that could have been prevented. We can help avoid those very injuies. More...
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10 tips for better pitching (we have more )

  • Off days: conditioning focuses on legs and core and aerobic exercises
  • Practice: work on pick-offs, field ground balls, field bunts
  • Pre-game: jog, then whole body stretch, light plyometrics lke windmills
  • Pre-game: warm up throwing no earlier than 20 minutes before game time
  • In-game: timing is key so vary time between coming set and throwing
  • In-game: stepping off can be just as effective as throwing to first for holding a runner
  • Mechanics: hand break like breaking a stick over your knee, with thumbs down "thumbs to the thigh"
  • Mechanics: fingers on top of the ball in take-back and never let the catcher see the ball behind the pitcher's head "show the ball to the shortstop"
  • Mechanics: finish with hand near ground "pick the grass"
  • Philosophy: Pitchers are batters, so always practice batting. What better way to get yourself a win than hit an RBI double or HR?

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